I’ve never liked that section. Describing myself is the most difficult thing for me, just because I can’t put myself in any borders, words and anything like this. Writing at all is something not common for me, so its weird I’ve decided to start a blog.

So in short, my name is Radostina. And this will be the place for me to share my thoughts. I don’t share a lot, and maybe this blog can help me start sharing more often. My  “current” occupation (7 years) is graphic design, so i am focused mainly on that. Actually from 1.4 year I have another “distraction” I love the most, and this is my little boy. His name is Maxim and I guess he will be the main theme in this blog. I am also in love whit photography and all handmade things. Still dreaming for better camera, and hope will have it soon. For now I am using Nikon L100, and still there are some good photos. For the handmade things … I just love to watch what other people create. I admire them for the ideas, for the time they have and hope that some day (maybe when i get old?) will have my time to create stuff i like :)


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